History of Hoffmeyer Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Hoffmeyer Plumbing & Heating Ltd was started as  Near & Hoffmeyer by Len Near and Jack Hoffmeyer on May 2, 1958 at  59 Hamilton St., Goderich. Jack bought Len’s share of the business in the Early 60’s and moved the business to its present day location on Kingston Street. In 1971 a Appliance Sales and Service Division was added at 58 Kingston St which remained open until the tornado in 2011. At that time the Appliance Service was moved back to 55 Kingston St.
In 1994 Jack retired  and his Son Doug took control of the Company. In July 2007 it  became a 3rd Generation Company when Doug’s Son Chris started working at Hoffmeyer Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

The Aug 21, 2011 Tornado did major damage to the our building. With thanks to Pete & Frank Strickland & Goderich Toyota we relocated to 317 Huron Road for a year and a half while major repairs were done to the exterior and interior of the building

Come in and see our memory wall display on the history of the building & business from the Royal Hotel in 1895 to the Goderich Bottling Works in the 1950’s .